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Call time :weekday 9:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m.

When inquiring of our company, Repton Co., Ltd. "Privacy policy" of ltd is applied.

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For the purpose of compliance to laws regarding the protection of personal information and other such related laws (hereafter referred to as “laws and ordinances”) and in order to optimally handle personal information, Repton. (hereafter referred to as “this company”) has defined its personal information protection policy below. Having employees and executives keep to this policy helps protect your personal information.
  1. Purpose of Use

    This company will strive to define its purposes for using personal information, and, aside from cases that infringe upon law and ordinances, it will restrict its actions to the limits of this Purpose of Use.

  2. Notifications of Purpose of Use

    When this company attempts to acquire personal information, aside from cases that infringe upon laws and ordinances, the company’s Purpose of Use will either be shown in advance or the persons whose information has been acquired will be promptly notified afterwards.

  3. Suitable Acquisition of Information

    This company will use suitable methods to acquire personal information only when necessary for business purposes.

  4. Guarantee of Accuracy

    When handling personal information, this company will, in accordance with the achievement of the Purpose of Use, strive to maintain the latest and most accurate information.

  5. Safety Control, Supervision of Employees and Contractors

    This company will take necessary and appropriate measures for the safety control of personal information, managing and supervising both employees and contractors.

  6. Provision to Third Parties

    This company, aside from cases that infringe upon laws and ordinances, will not provide user information to third parties without prior consent.

Kenji Imae